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An award for a PhD student of the unit

Scotland's Rural College Award is given to best oral presentation in annual meeting of Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine to...
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A fruitful collaboration with the Pasteur Institute

2014/04/16 A fruitful collaboration with the Pasteur Institute - Ixodes ricinus as a vector of the lyme disease agent

In our research unit, ticks, and especially the european tick Ixodes ricinus, are a central research subject. I. ricinus is indeed the vector of...
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Sequencing of 7 Babesia genomes from 3 species

2014/04/16 Sequencing of 7 Babesia genomes from 3 species : BioEpAR is in

One of the research interest of the group VIP of BioEpAR is Babesia divergens, a bovine zoonotic Hemoprotozoan parasite in Europe.
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Research conducted BIOEPAR, finalized in perspective, are intended to:

  • knowledge and methods for the management of animal health
  • basic knowledge to understand the occurrence of communicable diseases mechanisms

Specifically, the objectives of the unit are:

  • Measuring the health of animal populations, understanding determinants and evaluate ways to control it
  • Understanding how populations of vectors and pathogens, and the interactions between pathogens and hosts

The disciplines involved are epidemiology, modeling, economics of animal health, biology of pests and aggressor-host interactions, and population biology.
Application objects are endemic animal diseases and porting of zoonotic agents in several animal production systems of European type. The unit is also interested in the biology of protozoa transmitted by ticks.