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Year 2014

Here are some notable works of 2014.

A new method to detect a particular allergenic form of deamidated gluten

Gluten is widely consumed worldwide as bread, cookies, pasta or noodles. It is also frequently used as a thickener or texturing agent in many...
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The β-lactoglobulin: β-carotene enrichment vector of food

Food supplementation is one strategy for overcoming vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. Our objective was to study the involvement of...
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micro digester

Mimicking the gastrointestinal digestion in a lab-on-a-chip:the microdigester

By combining food and miniaturization knowledge, INRA researchers in UR BIA (Nantes, France) designed a lab-on-a-chip dedicated to gastrointestinal...
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Basic Knowledge Model

The liquor dough is (rather) the story of "Basic Knowledge Model" (BKM)
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Imaging mass spectrometry

The plant cell wall change image

Imaging mass spectrometry allow to study and to bring new elements on such complex structures that the plant wall.
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