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Plant cell wall and parietal polysaccharides team (PVPP)

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J Beaugrand

Johnny Beaugrand is a senior scientist working for the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. In 2017, he moved to the BIA Unit, PVPP team, after 9 years spent in the FARE Unit (Reims).  After a PhD in plant cell wall biochemistry (2004), he did several postdocs, especially at the KU Leuven. He has managed several research programs, in particular the  ‘DEFIBREX’, a French National Research Agency-founded project about ‘optimized DEcohesion  of natural FIBeRs during  EXtrusion process’.

His research concerns lignocellulose breakages, the fiber decohesion and the fragmentation, as ‘defibrization’. He is now involved in understanding how physical properties of plant cell walls are modified during various transformation processes (large deformations in mechanics), with a special focus on biopolymers structures-properties relationships related to fracture incidence in lignocellulosic cell walls.

The overall research is one brick fundamental for innovating in bio-based composite materials testing and design, one of the topic developed in the BIA Unit.

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