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Materials, processing & behaviour (MC2)

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                      Context and objectivesMain findings and outputs - Publications 


Team leader: Guy Della-Valle

Equipe MC2

Permanent team members:

Karine CahierLaurent Chaunier, Chloé Chevigny, Hubert Chiron, Guy Della Valle, Roselyne Desirest, Sofiane Guessasma, Kamal Kansou, Magdalena Kristiawan, Denis Lourdin, Jean-Eudes Maigret, Anne-Laure Réguerre

Temporary team members:

Mélissa Assad-Bustillos (PhD student), Pauline Faucart (PhD student), Héliciane Clément (PhD student), Veronica Nessi (PhD student), Ioana Suciu (fixed-term contract)

Administrative staff:

Laurie Brard, Isabelle Mimbre


Context and objectives

Food and non food products derived from cereals or other major field crops, mainly contain starch and come in the form of cellular solids and composites.
The design of their use properties requires the control of their structure during production and storage processes.


Strategy and Aims:

  • to shed light on supra-molecular organisation
  • to link composite material behavior to molecular mobilities
  • to model behavior and development of cellular solids


Main findings and outputs

  • Structural characterization of native and hydrolysed starches and their polymers
  • Structure and properties of hydroxypropylated starch film
  • Multiscale mechanical modelling of starchy materials & cereal foods (Finite Elements)
  • XRT Imaging of porous structure and cell creation mechanisms
  • Modelling and knowledge integration