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Analytical devices dedicated to protein purification and antibodies

Protein purification and antibody production

The analytical devices dedicated to protein purification and antibody production bring together expertise on both protein purification from natural raw or from heterologously expressed materials in different types of hosts, and the production of antibodies directed against components of foodstuffs and their raw materials (proteins, polysaccharides, phenolic compounds).

Extraction and separation methods are developped for the preparation of protein-enriched fractions up 'preparative scale (10 mg-10 g): centrifugation, ultrafiltration,  low and high pressure chromatography. It performs a first characterization of enriched extracts and purified protein fractions: protein content, purity (electrophoretic), yield. Depending on the needs of the study and in collaborative frameworks, the conformational state of proteins (spectroscopic methods) and their activity can be characterized.

Antibodies can be produced from proteins purified on the platform. The platform also manages the collection of INRA CEPIA department antibodies dedicated to foodstuffs and their raw materials.