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DYNAMO: Modelling in population dynamics and animal epidemiology

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DYNAMO aims to better understand and predict the spread and persistence of pathogens in animal populations, and to identify efficient and targeted control strategies. Such complex biological systems are studied at the within-host, between-host, and metapopulation scales, also using in the latter case trade network data and graph theory. We mainly focus on infectious diseases of cattle and swine, as well as on vector population dynamics.

Expertise & skills

  • Predictive modelling approaches combining mechanistic models and data-driven simulations
  • Model reproducibility, robustness, and clarity: a generic multiscale simulation framework to ease experts' knowledge integration and to capitalise developed models
  • Combination of data and models to promote realistic models and to quantify uncertain processes
  • Decision support tools for health advisers to guide on-farm management of livestock infectious risks and associated public health issues

Current projects

  • FORESEE: Virus-host-environment interplay and drivers behind pathogen emergence, spread and persistence: Rift Valley fever (RVF) as a case study (funded by INRA, metaprogramme GISA)
  • CaDeNCE: Spread of epidemic processes on dynamical networks of animal movements with application to cattle in France (funded by ANR)
  • MIHMES: Multi-scale modelling, from animal Intra-Host to Metapopulation, of mechanisms of pathogen spread to Evaluate control Strategies (funded by PIA-ANR-FEDER Pays de la Loire)
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