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Economics Management and Applied Computer Science (EGIA)

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Between production disease, communicable disease, individual and collective decision.

Context and Issues

  • Risk management and sharing for disease control in livestock


  • Analysis of communicable disease control decisions at the farmer and collective scales:
    • Attitude with regard to risk,
    • Epidemiological / economic dynamics in time and space,
    • Management externalities and strategic behaviors,
    • Asymmetries and information sharing.
  • Production Diseases & Individual Decisions:
    • Rationality of control actions - heterogeneity of behaviors and cognitive biases,
    • Conduct of change - Trajectories of demedication in livestock and in sectors.
  • Production Diseases & Collective Decisions:
    • Animal health seen as a quality element in the value chain - Transactions,
    • Use of antibiotics - Longitudinal follow-up of cumulative treatments.      

Target species

  • Cattle
  • Pigs

Application fields

  • Communicable Diseases: Bovine Viral Diarrhea, Paratuberculosis, Dysgenesis and Respiratory Syndrome Porcine
  • Production Diseases : mastitis and respiratory diseases

Expertise and skills

  • Economic Science and management
  • Computer modeling and applied mathematics
  • Development of incentive measures and accompanying tools

Current projects

  • MIHMES : Multi-scale modelling, from animal Intra-Host to Metapopulation, of mechanisms of pathogen spread to Evaluate control Strategies
  • PrediCatT : Analysis and prediction of cattle trade in France through a modelling approach
  • SANT'Innov : Innovation in livestock products to reconcile greening and competitiveness: animal health perspective