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Summer School Plant Health and Quality

2-18 juillet 2018 - Angers

Summer School Plant Health and Quality
L'inscription est ouverte pour la Summer School Qualité et Santé du Végétal 2018 qui se tiendra à Angers du 2 au18 juillet 2018.

La Summer School Qualité et Santé du Végétal est organisée en partenariat avec L'Inra, l'Université d'Angers, Agrocampus Ouest, le Geves, L'Anses, l'Esa, et l'Université de Nantes.

Elle se tiendra du 2 au 18 juillet à Angers, premier pôle de recherche et formation en France sur l'horticulture et les semences, avec 400 chercheurs, 66 doctorats et 2500 étudiants en sciences des plantes.Coordonnée par Pascal Poupard et Marion Fischer-Le Saux (UMR IRHS Inra-Agrocampus Ouest-Uiversité d'Angers), la summer school comportera des classes interactives et des activités sur le terrain :


  • Plant Health :
    • Plant pathogenic bacteria, genomics, translational taxonomy
    • Plant pathology : new technologies for disease diagnostic and pathogen detection
    • Weed control in intercropping systems
    • Chemical ecology of insect crop pests
    • Plant resistance inducers (elicitors) in crop protection
    • Parasitic plants
  • Plant Quality :
    • Fruit post harvest quality
    • Plant breeding and varietal resistance
    • Physiological quality of seeds and impact of abiotic stresses on seed development
    • Architecture characterization of ornamental plant, modelisation
    • Phenotyping for seed germination and plant symptoms

Studying in Angers and preparing a PhD thesis in France

  • Presentation of the Plant Science campus
  • General information by the International Office (University of Angers)Roundtable with PhD students

Hands-on activities

  • Databases and web tools for pathogen identification in Plant Health
  • A PCR-digital approach for pathogen detection
  • e-phytia, web applications and mobile tools specialized in Plant Health
  • New technologies for pathogen detection or GMO detection
  • Analytical and sensory methods to assess fruit quality
  • Quantitative trait Loci
  • Aphid olfactory choice experiments
  • Electrophysiological recordings of insect antennae
  • qPCR - a methodology to quantify defense gene expression in plant
  • Characterization of parasitic plant- host plant relationship
  • Plant photosynthetic activity
  • Architectural analysis of plant by 3D digitization
  • Phenotyping -Image analysis and study of germination
  • Phenotyping - Quantification of disease severity using image analysis

Scientific visits

  • SNES GEVES (Variety and Seed Study and Control Group)
  • LSV-ANSES (Plant Health Laboratory)
  • CIRM-CFBP (French Collection of Plant associated Bacteria, INRA)
  • PHENOTIC (instrumentation for high throughput plant phenotyping)
  • ITEIPMAI (French research institute for perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants)
  • Roses Loubert (national collection, old rose garden)
  • FNAMS (National federation of seed growers)
  • Tropical greenhouse of the National Museum of Natural History, Paris

More informations : http://summerschools.univ-angers.fr/en/index/about-schools/schools/plant-science/courses-1-2-2.html