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Les recherches à l'IRHS

The SAB of the HCERES grades the excellence of the IRHS

"Excellent" in scientific outputs, training and project management, "Excellent to Outstanding" in relations with socio-economic environment and...
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Apple: a very high quality genome obtained

Apple: a very high quality genome obtained

An international consortium led by INRA and involving research scientists in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa, has been able...
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Seminar on seed quality and workshop on detection of living/non living seed-borne pathogens (QUALISEM)

December 2-3 2014 Angers

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Rose architecture and environment - Strigolactones and rose bud burst ?

Light and temperature are two environmental factors that deeply affect bud outgrowth. However, little is known about their impact on the bud burst...
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Durability of multigenic plant resistance - Modelling of pathogen adaptation

Sustainable use of total multigenic resistance requires an understanding of how its introduction into a plant population affects the adaptation speed...
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Bean leaflet displaying symptoms of common bacterial blight. Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging makes it possible to automatically select diseased areas on the images for subsequent quantification of disease severity, strongly altered tissues are colored in red, moderately altered tissues in blue, and weakly altered in green.

Phenotyping using fluorescence chlorophyll imaging

The quantification of symptoms on leaves provides valuable information concerning the level of resistance of plants to pathogens.
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Taxonomy of the genus Cytisus

Beyond a work on the Spanish species published in 1999 and beyond an other one on the Moroccan species in 2002, this study establishes the first...
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Summer school plant science

Summer School Plant Science - Angers

29 jun-10 jul 2015 Angers

The program will provide the students with insight into new developments in plant science research. The purpose is to give students the opportunity...

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Le projet du cabinet d’architectes Chabanne et partenaires a été retenu pour la construction de l’Institut du végétal.

Construction of the ’Institut du végétal'

Initiated in 2007, thinking about the construction of a building to bring together stakeholders in research and technology transfer on the plant, is...
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