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Protection of apple and pear against diseases and pests requests more than 20 pesticide treatments per year in commercial orchards. Reducing pesticides is a major challenge regarding environmental as well as human health issues. Understanding the mechanisms underlying apple and pear resistance to diseases and pests, using resistance induced by applying exogenous molecules and developing new cultivars should enable to reach this goal.

The ResPom team combines skills in genetics, molecular biology, pathology and entomology. Together we develop integrated research programs devoted to the elucidation of the genetic and molecular bases of apple and pear resistance to diseases and pests. These upstream researches help improving the efficiency of disease control either by the use of defense inducers or by resistant variety breeding . Inside IRHS, the ResPom team actively collaborates with the teams EcoFun, QualiPom, Epicenter and BioInfo and belongs to the Research Division "Fruits and Vegetables".