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The GRIOTE project, founded by the Pays de la Loire region and hold by the LINA, the computer science laboratory of the university of Nantes, is oriented towards data integration on large scale and regroup most of the bioinformatic workforce of the region. The scientific goal of this project is to develop new methods to analyze and integrate data produced by the region platforms (in mass spectrometry, high-throughput sequencing, genotyping, transcriptomic, etc) to support research programs in biology in health and plant research fields. The bioinfo team is implied in this project on the supervision of PhD students and interns in collaboration with LERIA and LINA laboratories for the data analyses of transcriptomic and metagenomic experiments.

 AI Fruit

Title: Integrative Approach for Fruit Quality

Collaboration with FruitQual team.

This project aims at gathering different types of measurements in biology and physics on fruits (apple) and to create an integrative analysis workflow. The partners of this project are spread in several cities: Angers (IRHS, LASQUO, LISA, ESA-GRAPPE), Nantes (INRA BIA,ONIRIS), Rennes (IRSTEA) et Le Mans (LAUM, IMMMM). The bioinformatic work is to set up an information system accessible to all partners to collect data and make cross analyses.

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