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Aerial parts of terrestrial plants form an original ecosystem, that is most important for the biological balance of the environment. This ecosystem harbours a specific microflora that directly interacts with leaves, stems, flowers, fruits and seeds. Some of these microorganisms interact with plants by inducing the onset of diseases, that may generate huge economical losses.



Equipe EmerSys_2012


The team EmerSys focuses on the study of the emergence, the systematics and the ecology of plant pathogenic bacteria. Our team ambitions to contribute in increasing  knowledge on plant pathogenic bacteria by addressing complementary aspects of the ecology of these bacteria.

Our studies mainly focus on the study of bacterial strains belonging to the species Xanthomonas. Research in our team is organized into 4 main topics:

1.    Identification of the genetic basis of host specificity of plant pathogenic bacteria.

2.    Taxonomy and phylogeny of plant pathogenic bacteria, in order to understand their evolutive history, and to gain insights into the structure of populations.

3.    Molecular ecology of bacterial populations associated to plants.

4.    Etiology, epidemiology of emerging bacterial plant diseases, in association with industrial partners.

Team EmerSys is involved into active collaborations at the national and international level through its involvement in the FNX network (French Network on Xanthomonads).