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The ornamental production sector aims to offer the widest range of attractive products, which are based on the existing diversity.  The major challenges for the teams are to understand, manage and exploit genetic diversity. The main studies are done on the genus Rosa with transfer to other ornamental plants in the framework of collaborative projects.

In RIHS, the team is involved in the research division "Roses and Other Ornamentals". We are developing three main complementary research questions:

(1) What are the genetic and molecular bases of important ornamental characters in rose? We are interested more particularly in garden rose architecture, in foliar diseases (in link with EcoFun), and in blooming (recurrent blooming, in link with ArchE). (Clic here for more details on genetics basis, and here for molecular basis)

(2) What are the impacts of the selection (natural and anthropogenic) on the diversity in Rosa? Our objective is to study the structure of genetic diversity and to estimate the linkage disequilibrium. We shall characterize more particularly regions involved in the control of architecture and blooming. (Clic here for more details)

(3) How to use the data of genetic diversity for selection? The knowledge on the genetic diversity of the wild and cultivated materials allows proposing an original methodology for genetic selection of new ornamental plants. (Clic here for information on programs, partnerships and history)

L'équipe GDO en 2016

L'équipe GDO en 2016