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  • We have a longstanding collaboration with the fruit sector essentially thanks to collaborations with groups of French private nurseries for the dessert apple (Novadi) and pear breeding programs (CEP Innovation). These collaborations have been formalized in the frame of contracts which are running, respectively for 18 years and 10 years…
  • In parallel, a long collaboration is also underway with the Cider sector through IFPC (Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles): it started with collaborative breeding programs but then has been enlarged to the FruitQual team in the frame of the Casdar projects “Verger de demain 1 and 2” including system approaches, prebreeding and preparation of GWAS.
  • Collaboration is also ongoing with the regional experimental station of la Morinière in the frame of the PrédiFruit project.
  • The interaction with the fruit chain is facilitated by the GIS Fruits. This scientific interest group draws together 22 French partners involved in research, training, and professional organization in the fruit sector. GIS Fruits aims to develop a long term, joint strategy covering a range of activities in the sector, from research up to the transfer of innovations to economic actors.
  • There exist national and international research collaborations with the following institutions:


M Lahaye, E Bonnin, MC Ralet

PVPP, BIA UR1268 INRA Nantes

Cell wall biochemical characterisation

S Le Gall

Platform BIBS, BIA UR1268 INRA Nantes

Cell wall biochemical characterisation

B Bakan


Fruit cuticle and epidermis

S Guyot

PRP, BIA UR1268 INRA Nantes

Apple polyphenols characterisation

E Meniagic,

R Symoneaux


Fruit texture and sensorial evaluation

P Richomme

SONAS, EA9221 Univ. Angers

Polyphenols analysis

D Guillet

Platform PHYTO, SONAS EA9221 Univ. Angers

Secondary metabolism


M Génard,

PSH, UR1115 INRA Avignon

Fruit quality modelling

B Quilot

GAFL, UR1052 INRA Avignon

Fruit quality modelling

E. Costes

AGAP, UMR1334 CIRAD INRA SupAgro Montpellier

Functional-Structural Plant Modelling of Apple (ANR project); quantitative genetics of architectural traits (fruit thinning, bud break timing). Genomic Selection

P-H. Cournède

Ecole Centrale, Paris

Design and optimization of mathematical growth models (ANR project)

J Pelloux

BIOPI, EA3900 Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Functional characterisation of plant pectin methylesterases (PMEs)

R Andriantsitohaina

SOPAM, UMR 1063 INSERM Univ. Angers

Effect of apple consumption on human health

B Duval

LERIA, EA2645 Univ. Angers

Bioinformatics and gene network

INRA BAP fruit group

GAFL UR 1052; BFP UMR1332; AGAP UMR1334; UE Horti UE449; UE Arbo UE393;UE Citrus

IVD program ; breeding methodologies, experimentation


Apple partners of FruitBreedomics

Agroscope (CH), IRTA (SP), WUR (NL), DLO (NL), Univ Bologna (IT), FEM (IT), Gembloux (BE), …

MAB, Genomic selection, GWAS, Fruit Quality, Fruit storage

S. Kumar


GxE, Quantitative genetics, MAB

H Nybom

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Balsgard, Sweeden.

Apple fungal storage disease

Partners of EUFIN

21 European Research institutions

Cultivar testing, breeding, fruit quality, …

C. Girardi,

P. Ricardo Oliveira,

LF Revers

Embrapa Uva et Vinho Bento Gonçalves, Brazil.

FruitQuality postharvest transcriptomics,

Breeding, quantitative genetics, transcriptome analysis.

C. Peace

Washington State University (US)

GxE, Quantitative genetics, MAB

W. Kurth

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.

mathematical bases of water and sugar transport modelling

WJ. Zhou

Dept. of Crop Science, Zhejiang University (PRC)

Modelling of Ecophysiology of Growth and Photosynthesis, various crops

Y-A Wang

Shandong University, Tai’An (PRC)

Ecophysiology of apple with respect to mineral fertilization

YW Teng

Dept. of Pomology, Zhejiang University (PRC)

Germplasm identification and characterization (pear); fruit breeding and genetics; fruit stress physiology.