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Population of Daucus commutatus in Corsica

Knowledge and valorization of carrot genetic diversity

The work on genetic resources aims to better understand the structure of diversity, to characterize resources notably for quality traits in a purpose...
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Attaques d'Alternaria dauci au champ

Carrot resistance to Alternaria dauci leaf blight

Alternaria dauci leaf blight is the main carrot foliar disease. Our team, in a long-standing collaboration with FungiSem, is studying the Carrot –...
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Carrot unstructured population for association genetics studies

Determinism of carotenoid accumulation

Lack of knowledge on the determinism of carotenoid accumulation is a limitation for product and variety improvement for nutritional quality. Our...
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Prospection of wild carrot

BRC Vegetable Apiaceae

The BRC vegetable Apiaceae maintains collections of carrot (Daucus carota L.) and tuberous chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum L.), which include...
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