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INEM: experimental facilitiesTeam

The team INEM is a technical team of IRHS, in charge of the management and operation of experimental installations; mainly the greenhouses (70 modules on 5800 m²) and air-conditioned rooms (26 modules on 370m ²), on different levels of containment S0, S1, S2 and S3 for handling of quarantine pests, GM crops and GM microorganism.
Closely with users of research teams, we install and follow the test cultures.
Nearly 80% of programs IRHS use our facilities which are also open to our partners in Anjou vegetal pole, research units and academic departments Aigaion, SFR QUASAV, SNES and GEVES Végépolys. We welcome and each year more than 200 tests, 100 scientists and 500 students.
To ensure the conduct of these experimental crops, the team develops and INEM has expertise in 2 main areas: horticulture and maintenance of experimental facilities.
We grow many kinds, fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, field crops, wild plants and models.
At the request of users, we perform experimental devices and original prototypes. As we rely on the expertise and the equipment we have the ability to push all in all seasons and in various experimental conditions.
Currently we are piloting a program to rebuild 50% of our installations, project INEM.

serristes à versailles

Les membres de l'équipe INEM à Versailles

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