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Know-how and equipments

  • Know-how developed by the team:

Horticulture :


Plants de rosiers

   - Large numbers of crop management in condition above ground burial in very controlled conditions, in shelters or open fields
   - Techniques of propagation: seeds, cuttings, grafting (over 10,000 plants produced for each mode of multiplication)
   - Conduct of irrigation and fertilization on different culture media
   - Health protection (implementation of the PBI over 10 years)
   - Construction of innovative experimental devices, micropropagation


Maintenance :


Mesure des conditions climatiques

- Preventive: sensor check steering characterization experiment modules
- Curative: computers and electronics (intervention PLCs), voltage electricity, water, irrigation, greenhouse structure
- Ameliorative: adaptation to the needs of the experiment, prototype construction



Serres INEM

Serres INEM

- Maintenance and adaptation of containment facilities
- Waste
- Monitoring and self-regulation


 - Management of analytical budget: operating costs of equipment known imputation program
 - Management of areas and activities: automation project and land acquisition

  • Equipment
conduite d'engins AGRICOLE

- Greenhouse S0 and S1 = 58 modules on 4800m ²
- Greenhouse S2 = 11 modules on 1000m ²
- Rooms culture S3 = 3 modules of 26m ²
- Rooms culture S0 = 11 modules of 110 m²
- Cold S0 and S2 = 12 modules of 230 m²
- Tunnels and carports = 19 modules on 3200m ²
- Plots the ground and aboveground = 37 microplots of 2.3 ha