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Fruits and Legumes

The Quality and Health of Fruits and Vegetables (FruitQual, ResPomn VaDiPom, QuaRVeg) gathers all the researches performed at IRHS on pipfruit species, apiaceae vegetables and associated pests and pathogens. It follows three main objectives:

-        to identify and understand the genetic, molecular and environmental determinisms i) of resistance and natural or induced defense mechanisms, of plants to pathogens and ii) of nutritional and organoleptic quality.

-        To explain the adaptive dynamism and evolutionary history of pathogens taking into account their hosts and environments.

-        To build innovative strategies to i) control pathogens, ii) manage genetic resources and iii) release new cultivars for high nutritional and organoleptic quality products in the frame of sustainable agriculture.

Methods and tools are based on genetics, population genomics, biochemical and molecular characterization, functional genomics including post-transcriptional gene silencing, genetic transformation, mathematical modeling and ecophysiology. This is managed through a systemic approach in order to integrate available data generated by these approaches.